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May 17, 2018

Tomi Poutanen is the Chief AI Officer at TD and co-founder of Layer 6. He says the technology sector in Ontario supports hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs but there isn't enough attention given to it.

It's Poutanen's view that Canada is a world leader in the development of the AI technologies that are going to drive the economy in the coming years. Over the last 15 years most of the tech companies that showed promise were bought up by a large international firm. The talent and the money left the country.

He says there's been a real shift in the last five years. Businesses are recognizing that Ontario and Canada is a great market to grow new businesses. He credits our open borders and great university programs. The talent no longer leaves. Increasingly, venture capitalists and foreign firms are insisting on establishing business bases in Ontario.

Uber, Google, Thomson Reuters are examples of large international tech driven firms that have established beach heads in Canada because of the livable cities and the availability of high quality talent.

Canada's brand as a tech force is very well established, particularly because the country has a stable immigration policy. It's an image that's welcoming, forward thinking and open to innovation.